5 Best Cocktail Places in London

London is known for its vibrant night life with many pubs, restaurants and bars catering for all tastes. We have introduced you to some of our favourite restaurants (Read blog here) and now we have a few suggestions for some great places where you can have some amazing drinks with your friends in an unforgettable ambience.


No. 1 The Sky Gardens

This place is not only popular for its cocktails, but also for the breathtaking view over London. Enjoy one of their signature cocktails (Botanical Remedy or Gin Garden) or a glass of champagne.

Average cocktail price: £12

No.2 The Oxo Tower

There is no better way to relax by the Thames and enjoy London at night than by having a drink at the Oxo Tower. You can try some of the cocktails of the month or you can “taste the stars” in a glass of Dom Pérignon.

Average cocktail price: £13



No.3 The Adventure Bar adam-jaime-119565

If you are looking for a great place to have drinks in Covent Gardens, the Adventure Bar is definitely a place to go to. They have some amazing offers for cocktails and other drinks.

Average cocktail price: £10

No.4 Sushisamba 

Sushisamba offers a variety of cocktails as well as a great selection of sushi served in a stylish modern interior.

Average cocktail price: £13

No.5 The Roof Gardens

This is an idyllic location with a great view. It is perfect to have drinks during the summer when you can enjoy the beautiful garden along with some exquisite cocktails.

Average cocktail price: £12

Written by helloguest • August 25, 2017
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